Your Freedom Is On the Line

Parole and probation violations in Nashville, Tennessee

Do what you can to avoid returning to jail

Do what you can to avoid returning to jail

Parole and probation situations are governed by strict rules. Whether you've been released early through parole or avoided jail time through probation, you have to follow a certain set of conditions to keep your arrangements valid. However, you may have recently:

  • Traveled to a forbidden location
  • Failed a drug test
  • Committed another crime
  • Missed a curfew
  • Failed to show up for community service

Have you violated the conditions of your parole or probation? Are you seeking to have your conviction suspended? Defend your rights by seeking a quality criminal justice attorney. The Law Office of Kyle D. Parks provides legal assistance and representation for individuals who have violated the terms of their parole or probation.

If your probation officer has witnessed you violating the terms of your arrangement, you could be arrested as a consequence. Before you face the judge, contact the Law Office of Kyle D. Parks. Our criminal defense attorney will understand your situation and create a specific plan to address the situation.

An attorney may be the difference between you remaining free and returning to jail. Contact our criminal justice attorney today and get the representation you need during this reevaluation process.