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Domestic violence defense in Nashville, TN

Order of protection

Order of protection

The Law Office Of Kyle D. Parks assists individuals with order of protection arrangements. If you've been accused of domestic assault and would like to have proper representation in court call Kyle D Parks, for a consultation.

When you turn to the Law Office Of Kyle D. Parks, you can rest assured that our lawyer understands the severity of your domestic assault charges. These charges can lead to a number of different consequences, including fines and jail time. You can also lose the right to see your children.

Don't deal with personal, hard-hitting consequences on your own. Fight for your rights and protect your freedom with the Law Office Of Kyle D. Parks. Our attorney has years of experience dealing with domestic violence cases. Trust that he will work hard to defend you in your situation and prevent everything from completely turning upside down. Call our attorney as soon as you can after the required Tennessee cool down period.

Our lawyer has seen many cases where an individual has been wrongly accused and charged. If the facts have been misconstrued, pointing you as the person of blame, call our attorney right away.