Has Your Untreated Loved One Been Falsely Imprisoned?

Mental health and diminished capacity law in Nashville, TN

Fighting for those who have been wrongly jailed

Fighting for those who have been wrongly jailed

Individuals with mental illness or diminished capacity are "more likely to encounter police than get medical help," according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. These individuals are sent to jail, leaving them without access to proper treatment. When they are released, their ability to receive mental health treatment is compromised due to their record. This vicious cycle continues for many individuals with mental illness or diminished capacity, and it leaves thousands ignored and alienated.

Is your friend or family member currently dealing with a legal situation such as the above? The Law Office Of Kyle D. Parks will provide support for you, individuals and families stuck in this situation. Minorities and younger individuals are taken to court for "acting out" when they are simply undiagnosed. If this has happened to someone close to you, partner with the Law Office Of Kyle D. Parks. We'll work with you to find a better outcome for your situation. Our criminal justice attorney is standing up for people just like you in the community who have had their mental illness swept under the rug and then put behind bars.

The Law Office Of Kyle D. Parks passionately advocates for mentally ill individuals who have been imprisoned. Our lawyer has:

  • Advocated for policies and processes for mentally ill offenders
  • Worked with families to provide specialized assistance for their loved ones
  • Helped those with mental illness get the support they need to stay out of jail